At the consultation appointment, you will meet to discuss your questions and concerns and your goals for ear molding. Dr. Emily Hurst will evaluate whether or not your child is an appropriate candidate for ear molding, and will explain expected course and duration of molding if indicated. If you are interested in moving forward with ear molding, the splint will be applied on the same day and will stay in place until follow up one week later. 

It is often helpful to have a bottle or pacifier ready to comfort your baby. Most infants sleep through the entire splint application process which generally takes under a half hour. We understand that each baby’s needs are different. We certainly let your son or daughter run the show, allowing breaks for burping, changing or whatever else is needed to ensure this is a comfortable and easy process for them as well as you!

Follow Up

The splints are taken off weekly with an adhesive remover so that your child never experiences any discomfort. The ear and splint are cleaned thoroughly and photographs taken to update progress. The splint is then reapplied in the same manner as before and you are given a weekly photographic progress report. The process generally takes 6 weeks. 

At home

It is important not to get the tapes or splint wet at home. You may bathe your baby normally from the neck down, but use a damp wash cloth for the hair, taking care to avoid the ears. 

Leave the splint and tapes in place until your follow up appointment unless the tapes become wet or soiled. 

If the tapes do become wet or soiled, remove the splint and tapes as instructed at the consultation appointment. 

Additional Information

The fee for consultation is $150, however, this is waived if you decide to move forward with ear molding. Our one time fee includes all necessary follow up appointments, all supplies and guidance along the way.

We look forward to helping you make this life changing improvement for your little one!

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