“I really am blown away by the results of ear molding – I can’t say enough about Dr. Emily! I had initially been discouraged from pursuing ear molding by our pediatrician who was not informed about the practice. I’m glad I trusted my instincts anyway and sought out a consultation with Dr. Emily! She was knowledgeable, personable, calming, and trustworthy. Ear molding was 100% painless and surprisingly simple. I’m amazed at the results, especially because we started at 4.5 months (just in the nick of time in my daughter’s case!) Everyone should know about this highly effective solution to ear asymmetries and deformities! I happily shared our family’s experience with our pediatrician and encourage anyone who is curious about ear molding to seek out Dr. Emily – she will handle your child with expertise and care!”

  • A.L. (Boston, MA)

“Dr. Emily was so welcoming and great to work with. When our son was born his ear was noticeably folded. After a few weeks working with Dr. Emily his ear looked normal again. Dr. Emily was very relaxed, compassionate, and treated our Son as if he was her own.” – Steve (Dad of J)

“I could not speak more highly of Emily at Infant Ear Molding of NH. She has not only been inviting and warm, but has also tremendously helped shape my daughter’s ears.

When our daughter was around 2 months old, we realized she had two different shaped ears. We talked to our daughters PCP and were told to wait it out- as they may change. As my fiancé and I were unaware that ear molding was a thing- we waited.

After waiting awhile and noticing no difference in the shape of her ears, I began to worry about the teasing she may endure as she gets older. Along with possible confidence issues surrounding the ears.

I started to do my research and came across Infant Ear Molding of NH. We decided to reach out to see our options.

I am beyond pleased with the results. When we went back to our next checkup with our daughters PCP, it turns out our doctor wasn’t even aware of the ear molding process!

I will be recommending Emily and do my best to get the word out. That way another family doesn’t go through the unnecessary worry like we did. Which can be quite taxing! Thank you so much Emily, it’s the best decision we have made.” -M. E. (Mom of E)

“We saw Dr. Hurst for my son’s ear when he was 8 days old because one of his ears did not have the proper rim fold. After just two weeks in the splint the ear looked completely normal! Dr. Hurst has been so wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her!” -Danielle (Mom of B)

“Our son was born with a crinkled ear. Our pediatrician mentioned that surgery would be an option if we desired to have it fixed when he was older, but we didn’t want to wait. During our google searching, we came across Dr. Emily (thankfully)! I called immediately and she was so friendly, informative, and got us in for our consult and first set of molds within 3 days. I was worried we had run out of time since our baby was already 6 weeks old when we started the process! Our son slept or ate through every appointment. Not one fuss or cry. Not to mention, he loved her! She is wonderful with babies and he loved to look at her during the appointments. I can’t recommend Infant Ear Molding of NH enough! If you think your child could even possibly benefit from ear molding, then please don’t hesitate to reach out! You will not be disappointed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Emily!” – Sam (Mom of J.)

“I’m extremely pleased with the results (daughter had protruding ears). Emily is very kind, professional and has a lot of experience with ear molding. I highly recommend! ?” – Hilary (Mom of F.)

“We are so happy to have found Dr. Hurst! She was super knowledgeable and friendly. We drove from Bangor, Maine, approximately 3 hours each trip. Even with a long journey, it was definitely worth it. The transformation in our baby’s ears was incredible!” -Travis (Dad of B.)

“Prominent ears run in my family. Both myself and my husband have undergone surgery (otoplasty) in our teenage years to correct this after years of trauma from negative comments. Our son was born with prominent ears as well, and we were thrilled to find a solution that didn’t involve surgery. 

Sarah (Mom of M.)

“Emily was very responsive and cared for our son in such a gentle manner. She was calming, professional and explained the process to us answering all questions along the way. Our sons ears are now the picture of normalcy. Emily has saved our son from being self conscious and likely having to undergo surgery. We are so impressed with ear molding and can not thank her enough!”

“My daughter was born with “elf ears” which were very pointed and really noticeable on her perfect hairless head. After hearing from family a few (not so) loving  nick names, we decided to look into how we could help. 

We found Infant Ear Molding of New Hampshire and scheduled our consultation for the next day. In only three weeks, we could see that her ears were corrected. We have said good bye to her elf ears and good bye to those unwanted nick names. Thank you, Emily!” 

Amber (Mom of E.)

 “We only found out about ear molding after thoroughly researching cosmetic ear surgery due to our baby having prominent as well as wrinkled ears. We came across the Infant Ear Molding of New Hampshire website. We looked up the process and decided we would give it a go. 

In six weeks time, our sons ears were no longer prominent, AND there was no more of that wrinkled appearance! I can’t believe we almost missed this opportunity! More Pediatricians should be aware of this service to recommend to families in need. We highly recommend Dr. Hurst and IEMONH and are sure to let friends and family know about the miracle she has performed for our baby’s ears.”

Chris (Dad of A.)

“Dr. Emily Hurst was a pleasure to work with and we saw fantastic results with our son in just a few weeks. “

Andrew (Dad of C.)

” I am so happy we found Dr. Emily Hurst. My daughter had prominent ears and now they are perfect!!! I had to have mine corrected surgically, and I’m so happy to avoid this for my daughter. I highly recommend her!”

Anila (Mom of P.)

“We are so happy with our results at Infant Ear Molding of New Hampshire. We had no idea that this option existed for our daughter and we are grateful that Dr. Emily Hurst was recommended to us. She was wonderful to work with and we saw results within the first week!”

Emily (Mom of A.)

“Amazing doctor to work with! She is very honest and up front as to if this is the best treatment for your child and if she believes it will truly help them. We will certainly miss her and hope you find as much success in treatment as we did!”

Molly (Mom of G.)